About Us

Our Mission

Go for the Greens Foundation. Inc. is committed to connecting women-owned businesses and future business leaders with business growth opportunities through corporate and government contracting, shared experiences, green and sustainable practices, and networking through the game of golf.

Who We Are

Go for the Greens Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2007 by two visionary women, Cindy Chace and Diane Sears, who recognized a need to provide women-owned businesses with exclusive access to secure large corporate and government contracts.

What started as a one-day conference and golf outing has evolved into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation.  Today, Go for the Greens Foundation provides business connections and personal growth opportunities through in-person and virtual educational opportunities, business-to-business matchmaking, international trade mission, thought-leading forums, networking in social settings. In addition to the annual conference, Go for the Greens offers year-round webinar programming in conjunction with several major corporations and government agencies.

Go for the Greens also is focused on mentoring high school and college young women to prepare and encourage them to dream big through exposure to entrepreneurial possibilities, STEM pursuits and growth in their chosen field. A one-day mentorship program, virtual mentoring sessions and a 12-month one-on-one mentoring experience are all designed to position young women for their future endeavors.

An important aspect of the Go for the Greens Foundation is its support of breast cancer research while helping women understand and enjoy the camaraderie produced by playing a game of golf.

Support our mission and Go for the Greens programming throughout the year.