Mentorship Webinar Series

If you missed our live webinars, this is your opportunity
to catch up by viewing our webinar series below.

Learn How to Adjust Your Mental Health During the COVID 19 Crisis

Learn how to adjust to a new reality you and your friends and family members are experiencing every day during this global COVID-19 crisis. Our expert, Jennifer Huynh, is a licensed professional counselor who serves as the program director for the Teens Can Survive Program. She has worked at the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas for more than eight years, providing prevention outreach to young people. Join us for this interview conducted by high school student Leslie Garcia-Medina and college student Jasmin Alanis. Be prepared to ask questions!

Cool Careers in Media & Entertainment

Learn what it’s like to work in film, TV and publishing. Our experts are Morgan Calhoun, an actress with credits in film and television; Kristin Schneider, a magazine publisher who is part of a national business empire; and Diane Sears, who has worked in magazine, newspaper and book publishing. Join us for this interview conducted by college student Jasmin Alanis and high school student Leslie Garcia-Medina. Be prepared to ask questions!

Dress for Success: How to Make a Great Impression

Our guests Lena Graham Morris and Victoria Brantley of the international Dress for Success organization’s Orlando operation will show you how to look your best so you can feel confident in any situation. When you’re confident, you’re more likely to get that job, get into the college you want, and create the life you want diflucan cena! Join us for this interview conducted by college student Jasmin Alanis and high school student Leslie Garcia-Medina.

Learn How to Build Your Resume

Our special guest Abe Blackburn became an expert at seeking out resume-building activities in high school, college and the working world. What looks good on a resume? What are potential college admissions officers and employers seeking? What kinds of activities should you pursue, and how do you find them or create them? How much experience do you need in order to stand out? Learn answers to these questions and others as Abe is interviewed by college student Jasmin Alanis and high school student Leslie Garcia-Medina.

Learn the Basics of Financial Responsibility

Financial expert Melissa Gerdes, Financial Planning Specialist with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, answers some of the questions students have in high school and college: How do I budget for what I need today and tomorrow, including school supplies, rent, food, transportation, grooming, healthcare and entertainment? What do I need to know to keep track of my checking account and always know how much money I have? How do I know when to start saving money?

How to Follow Your Dreams

This session features a panel of three experts who will help you determine how to follow your dreams. How do you determine what you like to do and what you should be studying? When should you start planning? How do you connect with people who can lead you to internships and jobs? What if you want to start a business? How have other women gotten to where they are today? Learn from our experts: Natalie Frederick-Wilson, a business advisor of student engagement and technology with Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Carla Toles McKinney, manager of Supplier Diversity supporting the Walt Disney Company’s Theme Parks & Resorts for East Coast Operations; and Jennifer Johnson, director of The EXCHANGE at the University of Central Florida.