Mentorship Program Overview

Each year Go for the Greens Foundation hosts a Mentorship Day Program. the event provides young women in high school and college, ages 16-22, with an opportunity to meet and connect with women business leaders and hear inspirational speakers. It is designed to help build leadership skills and inspire students to dream BIG and focus on the next steps to realizing their potential as an entrepreneur or a leader in the business world.

The program provides educational opportunities in highly interactive environments that encourage learning from mentors as well as other attendees. In addition, the Go for the Greens global sustainability hub collaborates with the mentorship program to connect enterprising students with entrepreneurs, business leaders and educators in the area of sustainability. The goal is to introduce students to an array of top-level careers that are open to them, building on the idea that “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Mentorship Day 2020 is being planned for October. For students interested in participating, please submit a completed application online. The Foundation will notify you as soon as possible whether you are accepted into the program.

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Billie Bryant Schultz, Chair, Go for the Greens Foundation Mentorship Program
Barbara Tulskie, Chair, Go for the Greens 2020 Mentorship Day
Cindy Chace, Chair and Co-Founder, Go for the Greens Foundation
Diane Sears, Co-Founder and Programs Chair, Go for the Greens Foundation

The way Go for the Greens empowers girls is life changing and meaningful. As a participant in the 2018 program, I can say that it truly changed my life. My confidence and view of the world drastically changed as I knew that success would come my way as long as I have faith in myself. It was exciting to think of what my future held coming out of Orlando.

Jasmine Alanis

As a two-year program participant, I can confidently say you shouldn’t miss this opportunity! I took away so much valuable information, from successful business women talking about career opportunities and leadership to Walt Disney and UPS giving tips about interviewing and applying for internships. Not only did I learn a lot, the program became a great addition to my resume and college applications

Erin Lemmon

Class of 2019

Mentorship Day 2020 Planned for October
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Mentorship Day 2020
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Meet with our title sponsor, UPS; our key sponsor, Walt Disney World; and numerous Women Business Owners and Corporate Executives. Our main theme is “You can’t be what you can’t see!”