Mentor In-Person Day
September 24, 2021

As you know, COVID-19 has turned 2020 upside down and 2021 is proving to be much of the same. The unprecedented times taught us the importance of perseverance, innovation, and determination. The Go for the Greens Foundation is still committed to delivering meaningful programs to mentor the next generation. Our emphasis is on four key areas:

  • Confidence Building
  • How to Put Your Best Self Forward
  • Creative Thinking
  • How to Handle Adversity

Mentorship Program Overview

The Go for the Greens Mentorship Program was introduced to Harmony Public Schools in 2018 when President and CEO of Cesco Inc., Billie Bryant Schultz, sponsored three young ladies from the Dallas campus to attend the in-person conference at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In 2019, Go for the Greens Foundation sponsored 13 young girls from HSA-Dallas to reap the many benefits that the program has to offer. There was a total of 31 mentees that were accepted into the program and the feedback was fantastic. The transformative experience changed the lives of all these young ladies, empowered them tremendously, and pushed them to envision a future that they love.

The Mentorship Program provides young women in high school through college, ages 16 – 22, with an opportunity to meet and connect with women business leaders and hear inspirational speakers. It is designed to help build leadership skills and inspire students to dream BIG and focus on the next steps to realizing their potential as an entrepreneur or a leader in the business world. Life begins when you step outside your comfort zone!  The upcoming 2021 Mentorship Program will provide the participants with discussions about careers and the importance of networking.  Due to COVID restrictions this year, space is limited so please apply early.


The way Go for the Greens empowers girls is life changing and meaningful. As a participant in the 2018 program, I can say that it truly changed my life. My confidence and view of the world drastically changed as I knew that success would come my way as long as I have faith in myself. It was exciting to think of what my future held coming out of Orlando.

Jasmine Alanis

As a two-year program participant, I can confidently say you shouldn’t miss this opportunity! I took away so much valuable information, from successful business women talking about career opportunities and leadership to Walt Disney and UPS giving tips about interviewing and applying for internships. Not only did I learn a lot, the program became a great addition to my resume and college applications

Erin Lemmon

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