Schedule subject to change

The Schedule for the Mentorship Program will include, but will not be  limited to the following:

  •  Program Kickoff — Conference keynote, Renee Powell, addresses mentees in an interactive session. “Overcoming adversity and how it often leads to our greatest success” — Renee Powell 
  • Walt Disney Welcome – I Am Prepared for the Future               
    • How do you apply for an internship or a job?
    • Who do you contact?
    • How do you address people?
    • What methods of contact do you use?
    • How do you follow up?
  • How to Dress for Success and Much More…
  • Financial Security – What is financial security all about and why should you care?
  • Pizza Party Lunch — Enjoy lunch outside on the boardwalk and get to know your fellow mentees.
  • Be Your Best Self – Making a great first impression!
  • Creating Your Vision BoardLearn how to envision your future.
  • Careers – What could you do in the future? — You are surrounded by attendees with similar interests. Now, women business owners from the conference will join you so you can find out more about what they do and what you could do in the future!