Go for the Greens Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit based on three guiding ‘green’ pillars: 1) business growth that generates profit and creates jobs; 2) sustainable business practices that foster a healthier planet; and 3) business networking and connections through the sport of golf. Go for the Greens Foundation Inc. is led by an all-volunteer board of directors and planning team consisting of leaders and entrepreneurs from supporting organizations and the business community.


A Message From Our Founders

What a year 2020 has been!  A year of challenges but also a time for opportunities to connect in ways we never thought possible. While our technology platforms during our virtual Go for the Greens Experience 2020 was a new experience to navigate as we broadcast live, we were successful in linking over 200 participants from the comfort of their homes during our virtual conference this year!

Throughout our 13-year journey, Go for the Greens has evolved into a year-round foundation focused on providing women of all ages with business growth opportunities through corporate and government contracting, shared experiences, green and sustainable practices and networking through the game of golf. And in part due to the pandemic, we now offer educational webinars and mentor relationships yearlong and golf from anywhere as part of our virtual reality. READ MORE

Co-founders, Cindy Chace and Diane Sears

Providing Continual Education Opportunities

Now more than ever, face-to-face contacts that lead to business relationships and potential contracts are critical. Go for the Greens is committed to making these connections continue to happen through our virtual education programs — one to help maintain business connections and another to help inspire young women to focus on their future. View these webinars of interest or visit our YouTube Channel for more of the Go for the Greens Webinar Series.


Helping to Prepare Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Go for the Greens Foundation provides webinars for mentoring young women to help build leadership skills and inspire students to dream BIG and focus on the next steps to realizing their potential as an entrepreneur or a leader in the business world. 




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